Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday to Trey, Reid, Cameron & Brady

One and a half years... really...

This may be hard to explain but it feel like its been forever to get to this point, yet went by in a flash. Having multiples is a crazy experience. You are trying to absorb and take in every moment with your kids all at the same time as the others. Meanwhile, survive the chaos and days that come with having high order multiples. Then you realize, wow, i wish i could have captured that more. But lately, I have been making a huge effort to slow things down and enjoy moments. Moments that i can capture on camera but I really want to remember how i felt, how it smelled, what it sounded like. I love that moments with kids can physically change how you feel. Not just put a smile on your face, but actually make your heart, your blood and you mind feel different, mushy but excited. I know i am rambling right now, it happens when i get a tad bit emotional :). Probably because i went back and looked at the post last year at this time. As i have watched four amazing, fighting preemies turn into happy, rowdy, healthy 1.5 year old KIDS, every day i am more and more amazed by the proof that miracles don't just happen once, but in this case, four times... and every day after that too.

Trey, our first born, always keeping mama on her toes. I think he really wants to make sure i am "challenged" daily and never get bored. And boy does he succeed. This child is a true button pusher... but a button pusher who is EXTREMELY intelligent... difficult combo is right! He loves to communicate via signing or words. Tickling is a sport for him. Loves to mow, well anything, with his mowers. Unfortunately is also really into climbing and throwing (food). He loves his mama with all is heart, needs me all the time and cant be away. He buries his head in my shoulder and neck and hugs with all his might. I LOVE IT! He is a FANTASTIC sleeper, my best, always has been. When I look at him, especially when he smiles, I feel like i am looking at his father 29 years earlier. They look so much a like and they both couldn't be more beautiful to me. Trey, I love you, Happy 1.5 Birthday!

Reid, our little firecracker. This girl is NON-STOP 24/7. As many calories as I try to pack in that little body, she will burn every last one of them. Reid loves to hug the other kids. She is the most patient with waiting in line for water cups or anything with the other kids. Books... OBSESSED with books. She will read to you all day long. She has a babble... we call it "Reid-enese". She really thinks shes talking to you. Its precious and both Robbie and I will stop just about anything we are doing to just look and listen. She's a tiny thing with a big personality. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her daddy. And her sissy, Cam. She is our Curious George, everything is "was dis (whats this)?". One of Reid's best qualities is she tends to know when we are having a rough day around here, and if all the other three are crabby, she seems to make it a point to listen, be sweet and not add fuel to the fire. One day, i swear she winked at me as if saying "i know mama, I got your back". She is my angel, the reason we delivered... she gives me my energy. Reid, I love you, Happy 1.5 Birthday!

Cameron, my little girly girl. My diva LOVES to dance! She can "raise the roof" for you and shake her bottom! Loves jewelry! And baby dolls and puppies. She is my biggest animal lover and is FEARLESS around any animal. She loves them! Her smile is contagious. I've never seen anything like it. Her big cheeks actually light up with she smiles, they have a light glow off them. She is a talker and can repeat just about anything. The most gentle touch too. She has the cutest shrug with her hands out to say "I don't know". When we do play dates or are around other kids, she is giving out hugs like there is no tomorrow! Cameron is so loving and sweet. She is 100% girl and mommy's little helper. Just yesterday she was telling Trey no no no to hitting the window. She had a rough start with some REALLY bad reflux when she was a baby, but what an absolute heart warmer she is now. She will capture anyones attention and make them fall in love with her. I fall in love with her all over again, every day! Cameron, I love you, Happy 1.5 Birthday!

Brady, the lady killer with his blue eyes and blonde hair. This kid is a CHARMER. To anyone and everyone, super social and always flashing a smile. He loves the ladies and has the CUTEST little raspy voice to go with it. Dangerous is right! Brady is generally very laid back, goes with the flow, likes to try new things and places. The way he walks is so great, he just lumbers along like he doesn't have a care in the world (he shouldn't, hes a baby). He is a giggle monster to the max and already a prankster... guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree there. He needs his mommy so much, he sleeps with one of my sleep shirts. He is great at playing independently and LOVES to build things. And talk about a cuddle bug. For a boy he has the softest touch. He will just walk by me and put his hand very gently on my arm and smile. I melt. Brady has a very special need for his mama and I for him. He will be sitting on the other side of the room, and ill look over at him, he'll just point to me and smile with just one side of his mouth as if to say "Love you too mom, right back at ya". We can practically communicate with our eyes. Brady, I love you, Happy 1.5 Birthday!

And look how big they are now... how times have changed. They recently started eating their snack and milk shake at their picnic table (that yes, is currently in my living room, trying to figure that out). They do so great with it and are so proud of themselves! From the girls end of the table...

The boys end of the table... sorry these were taken by my old camera again, it was closer

The kids get to watch Baby Signing Time before they take their nap and LOVE IT! As seen here...

Two things i notice about this picture....1. VERY TIRED KIDDOS READY FOR A NAP! 2. That is three bad habits i will have to break soon.... AAAGGGHHHH. Brady is the only one who doesn't do one of these...

We have a fun weekend planned for the kids! Happy Thursday!
Love, Casey

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Gerwer? Table of 8"

First off.... NO, WE ARE NOT EXPECTING TWINS! Or at all, for that matter!

Sunday we took the kids out to eat lunch and they did GREAT! I mean, SUPER GREAT! They made me so proud. As they do often. We took my in-laws (hence the 8 of us) to make sure we were man on baby coverage, but we didn't really need it! Though, they do love spending time with their grandparents! The kids did so well, the wait staff and fellow restaurant go-ers came up to us to complement them. I was one beaming mama!!! We had a little Mexican food and enjoyed our time out, feeling pretty normal actually! (PS. The pictures from the restaurant were taken with my old camera)

Cameron being silly, shes such a ham these days!

Cam showing off her coloring skills

Reid was the most unsure about the whole experience. She did enjoy coloring with mommy and her milk but pretty reserved.

Trey, master-multitasker like his mama

Trey and his sweet smile. When hes happy like this, its awesome! BUT MAN, is he ever going through some massive separation anxiety with me. I hope its just a phase!

Brady enjoying his first Oreo cookie

This week has been crazy busy and filled with emotions for many reasons. But one happy, but SUPER emotional day for me was Saturday. Does anyone know what Saturday was? BESIDES free Slurpee's because its 7/11. Two years ago, Saturday, I got pregnant with my babies. I had my IUI that morning at 11am, took the rest of the day off work, got home, felt pretty normal, then started cramping and got exhausted almost immediately. Woke up to my husband coming home from work. I remember thinking, wow, that was weird and so unlike me, maybe I finally did get pregnant! Of course, by this time I was almost a professional at not getting my hopes up after having so many broken hearts month after month. I can tell you, as I sat there on my couch after my IUI, never would I have ever imagined what the outcome would be. Life is amazing, it leads you to things you could have never imagined. Thank God it did!! I love my four kiddos so much! They are my world!!

I was trying to snap a cute picture of them all watching their signing times video that they get to watch before nap, but Cameron was on to me. And of course, had to turn around and flash her grin, silly girl!

Pre bedtime meltdowns sometimes happen (as shown by Reid in the background), but not Cameron, whip that camera out and shes happy as can be!

Meltdown ending...

Crisis averted! All is well!!

"Just let me play with the camera for a second" - Trey with his ever present desire to destroy EVERYTHING. Because of his need for destruction, we no longer have a gate between our living room and kitchen :(

The girls right before we went to eat lunch having a little shaded out door play!

Happy Tuesday!
Love, Casey