Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where have yall been?

That is probably the question you are asking yourself, as i know you have missed us ever so much :). I kid.

These last few weeks have been trying, that's for sure. But the good thing about a blog lull, PICTURE OVERLOAD! That's right, enjoy :).

Let's start with some "SOOO happy the weather has been amazing" photos. WOW! We hope we have seen the last of winter because the kids want to be outside CONSTANTLY. They even ask right before nap "First nap, then outside?". And the second i go into get them out, they say "First milk and snack, then shoes". I dread rainy days now!

Trey. EVERY day he looks more and more like Robbie. Both so handsome!

All of our kids are super into soccer. Reid is FEARLESS with soccer. She'll get in there and steel the ball from anyone. This is not surprising at all though. OH and notice the ever so stylish outfit/color combination, she is very into picking out her own outfits these days. As long as its clean and they are wearing clothes, I'm happy.

This child's hair SOOOO matches her personality! CRAZY!

I have NO idea what the kids are all looking at here but its a very rare occasion to get them in a photo together. And daddy and was a bonus!

My boys. Be still my beating heart. Oh, and GO CUBS!

Brady as if hes waiting for the signal from the catcher behind home plate. Did i mention Go Cubs!

Hey Cam, nice hair. WINDY MUCH!

Brady. So small but so stinkin cute!

Cameron is SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny these days. I mean cracks me up funny! She so smart and so dramatic! Of course, sometimes, that's not always a good thing.

My sweet little Reid. She is so funny and loves to tell me stories. OVER AND OVER AND OVER... and again 12 hours later and the next day. But she has the sweetest cutest voice, so worth it!

Action shot of Reid, the child that NEVER is still! She has two speeds, crazy and sleeping. She literally runs laps in her crib or jumps until she sleeps. You can hear it all over the monitor and then silence and shes out. Here she is jumping.

Robert Joseph Jr and Robert Joseph III. TRULY a spitting image in every way!

DING DONG, anyone home?

Trey is looking so grown these days. He looks so much older to us than the others.

On to some of the not as fun times. Brady has had some growth issues (as in not growing at all in months) and is now our smallest. He has some other issues going on as well and the doctors have kicked around the idea of testing him for Cystic Fibrosis. My brother has CF and we just wanted to rule it out. Of course, I have seen my brother live his whole life with it so to say we were nervous is an understatement. The test for it is a sweat test. It was SOOOO easy and cool how they do it. Brady and i just go to hang out and color and talk and play. The wait for answers was not as fun! BUT THE RESULTS WERE NEGATIVE! Thank God. We were so relieved to know for sure he does not have CF.
Here is Brady in his "casts" for the test. Under these wrap are the pads that gather the sweat. Here he is acting TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL with mommy! He's sooo sweet.

"Brady, say cheese!" - What a cheese ball!

THEN, we got SICK! I MEAN REALLY SICK! The most sick we have ever been. We were hit with a GI bug in our house for 2 weeks. Almost landed both our daughters in the hospital, I was so sick and my kids lost lots of weight. We are all on the mend and back to normal. Glad its over! Fingers crossed.

Notice how skinny Cameron was right after the virus. Poor muffin lost almost 2 lbs.

SO mama and daddy needed a break with some AMAZING friends for life! The wonderful Steece's. LOVE YOU GUYS!

And a little night out with my fellow quad moms! I LOVE THESE GIRLS SO MUCH!!!!!!!

WOOHOO Easter is right around the corner!

Love, Casey


Misty said...

Love you too!

jag said...

Holy smokes woman! You have been BUSY! Thinking of you lots and loved the pics!

Hey, has Robbie taught them THE song?! "Go Cubs go. Go Cubs go..."


Charity Donovan said...

Loved all the pics. So sorry to see those sweet babies sick. So sad! Is it me or has Reid grown a TON?!?! She looks like such a big girl all the sudden...so adorable! So glad you got to get out with the girls. Love you!

Elizabeth said...

I just can't get over how big they are looking! Crazy! Love you all and so glad y'all are feeling better!

Stephanie said...

Yeah for a negative CF test!!
Boo for being so sick :(
So glad to see all of your faces!! You have been missed!!

Suzanne said...

awww! that was a GREAT recap! nicely done, you superwoman, you! ;) and the kids---holy teenagers! they look SOOOOO grown up! losing all of that "baby" look! can't wait to get all of the kids together soon!!! glad you are all on the "mend"....

love my "case" time!

The Cochran Crew said...

Okay, seriously, you have to blog more..... they look 5 and they were just babies a couple of weeks ago! What happened???? Love you SuperWoman!

Avery's Mommy said...

I just have ONE toddler and I m worn out! I don't know how you're doing it - and with such class ;)


Love the cubbies hat :)