Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying to get caught up...

Life is just way to busy these days. Some things have fallen way side in all the hustle and bustle and the blog is one of those things. So here are some pictures from our 4th of July Family Fun weekend. Our weekends have been packed with SOOOO much going on, i generally forget to take pictures. But luckily between my father in law and I, some were taken that weekend.

Reid waiting patiently with her waffle for the 4th of July Parade in our neighborhood. Yes we were running behind (as always lately) and we had breakfast on the go :). And shes giving you a good view of her pulled tooth!

At the end of the parade, they let the kids sit in the fire truck (and eat sprinkled donuts as you can see), Trey was SOOOOO excited! But before anyone else could have a turn, they got a call and had to, as Brady put it "go help the neighbors".

A quick family shot of us after the parade (thanks Clay for taking it :))

And, trying to tame my OCD about being clean, i tacked spaghetti for the first time with my kids! Yes they are 2.5, i know, i know. They have had it with different noddles but this time, we let them have the kind mommy and daddy eat. Brady was suprisingly, the most into it. He generally is a chip off the old block (me being the block) about being messy.

Trey was all about making sure he still used his fork like a big boy. He wont eat with out a fork!

Cameron started out rough. Did not want to try it AT ALL! But after some crying (both her and I, kidding), she ended up liking it and now she LOVES IT. Oh, and i just love how shes holding her fork but stuffing her face with her hand full of food, stinker!

Reid was, of course, her MESSY self! God love this child and her free spirit but she is a handful!

Cameron in the bounce house. She gets bored of it easily, wants to color and read books instead, but she does enjoy it for about 5 minutes. Shes sounding our words now so thats all she wants to do these days! Not the physical activity type of girl (opposite of Reid).

The little daredevil herself. Giving me the evil eye... this happens often

The boys LOVE this thing! They have been getting much closer lately. Granted that comes with more fighting too but they are pretending together and doing activities together and asking eachother to play, its so cute!

On the 4th, we went over to my in-laws house and swam in their pool. Kids had a blast. Thank GOODNESS for puddle jumpers, those things ROCK!

Cameron, our resident "chicken" in the pool, jumping to daddy

Trey getting a kiss from daddy for jumping off the side to him. So sweet

And here is one of our two water bugs. Between her and Brady, FEARLESS and can't get enough swimming! Reid and her crazy hair, as always (Gen, you probably dying with all the hair in her face :)).

Trey on his way to jump off the side

Brady and his favorite aunt Amy. These two are super close lately.

Sweet Brady enjoying the water as always!

The girls were in HEAVEN in my in-laws BEAUTIFUL backyard! So many flowers to choose from and smell. And Grammy let each of the girls have one.
Reid was making sure she smelt it as hard as she could here!

Cameron with her flower, my pretty girl (with a big attitude).

And here is a glimpse of above mentioned attitude. This girl and I will go toe to toe forever I'm sure. Its like looking into a mirror!

And we had a wonderful play date with the kids best friend, Levi. He was born only 3 weeks before our kids, but look at the size difference. My kids are SHRIMPS. Granted Levi is a tall kid but still! Its funny when they are together, the girls just love him and Levi just acts like hes one of the quads. Its so cute. Whats another one, right? This day my friend Raelyn and I took the 5 of them out for lunch after playing and they were ALL ANGELS!! It was seriously great! So proud of my 5 (hehe) kids!

Til next time...


Charity Donovan said...

I love me some Gerwer's! So cute them "smelting" the flowers! I love toddler's the goochiest thing ever! Pure sweetness!

Anonymous said...

Love it! It's been a long time since I read a blog post of yours! I ordered Dom a swimmy thing today from Walmart. they have them online but not in the store. Once it gets here I am bringing him over so your kids can show him how its done! = )

The Townsend's said...

They are getting so big and they are all sooo cute! Looks like a fun summer so far. :)

Emily said...

After reading that great, long update, all I can think is: She's sounding out words?! Seriously?!! at 2 and a half?! You weren't kidding when you said she was advanced academically, that's remarkable!

Stephanie said...

Love all the pics! Even the ones full of attitude! lol
They are just all so precious and getting so big!!
Dont you just love the puddle jumpers!! Awesome!!!