Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seriously, What just happened?

*WARNING: LONG posted filled with love, smiling and spilling my guts out. Thanks for persevering*

Okay so I sat down and spent a good 2 hours spilling my heart out about this trip and then had a computer malfunction... To say i was mad would be an ENORMOUS understatement. So I will do my best to make a shorter version and save often :)

I had intended on putting my write up with the video montage of our trip (see montage below of 16 wonderful ladies if you haven't already on previous post) but with my computer having its own mind lately or me being really rusty in the blog world, it got posted too soon. So here it is instead!

Where to begin... I remember in January 2009, Jac and I were both having less than great days (what, its not all roses and rainbows having quads, shocker right?). We were chatting all day on text message and computer and Moni and Charity too and I said, "i so wish there was a way to get my best computer friends together to meet in person". I remember thinking, HA wishful thinking to have that many women plan for child care, save up money, schedules working out etc. But where there is a will and ETERNAL LOVE for each other, there is a way. Jac said "We have to make it happen"! We loved each other then, though we only lived in each others computers. BUT once we met in person, the love and admiration we had for each other grew exponentially. And even MORE this year! How could it not? These women are advice, friendship, support, sisterhood and comedy combined! It really is hard to explain but its effortless. Whether we are staying up til the wee hours talking about anything and everything and laughing til our faces hurt or simply floating around in the pool next to each other with out a word, every moment is priceless, effortless, comfortable and most of all, perfection.

So coming up with a song for the montage was tough. How do you describe a feeling? A connection? I couldn't, the words weren't right. The message was simple. I love these women with all my heart! They are my sanity on the rough days and they make my good days even better. So the reason behind the song, simply stated, i love you girls! I just needed my friends Natasha and Alicia to help me say just that :)

I know many of you have seen the trip through the other girls eyes, but i will share mine as well.

Wednesday before we were to leave for Austin, I was GIDDY excited, i mean like a 7 year old thinking "holy cow, I'm getting a puppy today". My Sandra was coming in town. COULD. NOT. WAIT! This girl has a smile that can light up any room, or the airport for that matter, i could see her a mile away (her bright yellow shirt helped too). This girl has helped me even when she had a TON of other stuff going on, i mean she has 5 kids! But she will give up sleep, down time, nap time, a kidney, whatever for a friend. I love being with her because it feels like home. Don't know if that makes sense? She has a way to make me smile in any situation! I enjoy every late night talk, text and email with this girl. I love you with every inch of my heart Sandra. I could not live with out you!!

After spending the day with Sandra (see her post for more, and details about my fast driving), it was time i had to share her! I took her to meet up with Moni and Suz for the night so i could finally pack!

Moni, you are one of the most HIL-AR-IOUS people i have ever met. Hands down. No one can make a room or email :), jump in laughter like this girl. And talk about STUNNING beauty. WOW. And I have turned to her SOOO much for nursing advice, that and shes usually the only one of us awake in the middle of the night, this girls never sleeps! Shes down for anything! And would be the first one to body slam someone if they hurt her friend. So glad shes on my side! I love you Moni... and i will never look at elephants again with out laughing my head off :)

Suz.. dear Suz. Of all the girls i have known her the longest. She is the only one I met before I met my kids! She helped me through my pregnancy and EVERY DAY since my kids have been born. We have similar parenting styles (research everything) so, i love having my kids only 5.5 months behind hers because she does the research on things (potty training, bottle transitions, etc) and i reap the benefits :). She loved me when i resembled a manatee with 100 zits. She is CRAZY PRETTY! I look up to her style, her grace and her patience. I have known her for 2.5 years and cant wait to know her for 50 more! Thank you for everything Suz and I love you so much.

The next morning was the big day, headed to Austin with 15 of my best friends. PINCH ME! That morning, got the kids fed, dressed and loaded in the car to go pick up two AMAZING, i mean AMAZING women, Charity and Beth. I love these girls like they were my blood!

Charity, the happiest sweetest person on this planet. I kid you not, i would challenge anyone on this! She is the cheerleader (not literally, that would be Suz, love you) of our group too. Always there to say encouraging words all the time from the first moment she meets you. Shes loyal behind belief. BEST LAUGH EVER! Char has always been a person i seek a TON of advice from, from parenting issues, food recipes, home decor help, and creative help (she has been my partner in planning every birthday party i have thrown for the kids or since they were born, shes genius like that). Charity, i love you so much.

Beth. I can only describe Beth as my partner in crime. We have a BLAST together. The goofier the better. She is the life of the party and always entertaining! When she came to visit me last year, i am pretty sure we didn't stop smiling or laughing the whole time she was here. Whether we have talked that day, the day before or its been a couple of days, we always pick up right where we left off, like we have known each other forever and always will (we better!). Beth, i love you, and i miss you every day.

After picking up the two crazy Midwesterners, my children instantly fell in love with them, shouting "Charity, Charity" and "Beth, Beth" and playing games and offering beverages (their water sippy of course). So cute! We then went to visit Robbie really quickly and then home to pack the car and get going. From there we would leave with in our caravan with the three of us and Heather, Misty, and AJ

Heather is SOO funny. I mean super hilarious. And so laid back. Totally go with the flow. When I met this girl when she was pregnant, she was so quiet. That may have been just because she was seeing quads for the first time live and picturing all the craziness that her life would soon offer :). Even just an hour after she delivered the babies, when i went to visit her, she just laid there and was so chill about everything. So laid back. I ENVY that about her. She has quickly gone from a fellow quad mom to one of my closest friends. Love you Heather.

Misty, the wisdom in my life. i can come to her about ANYTHING and get great advice. She knows so much about so much. Her knowledge of development, kids, medical, etc is so great. And i LOVE our sushi dates! Misty was the first person i met from my local multiples group. She was my mentor then and will be for the rest of my life. I love you girl!

AJ... where ever to begin... my bestie, my ocd sister, my daily scoop of sugar :). I am absolutely positive that God wanted AJ and I to be best friends. We met through our fertility doctor and had so many similarities. From that day fourth, our friendship just continues to grow. We can't go a day with out talking to each other! From the first moment i met AJ, through her good times, through her loss, through strength, through her miracles, I have embraced every moment i have gotten to share with her and her family. I have no doubt we will grow old together and us and our husbands will continue to be inseparable forever. I love you with all my soul. And i love you Madi, Lizy and Logan... and you too Brandon! (and Blue).

So after AJ and I lost about 5 lbs sweating from packing and unpacking the car 3 times because of all the stuff we were bringing (man, us girls can pack), we were finally off to Austin! WOO HOO! We were the first car to arrive so we soaked up the house while it was clean and with out all the fun, loud, girlie-ness (not a word, i know) going on! We couldn't wait for everyone else to get there!

Next to arrive was Mari, Jac, Kami and Jenn K

Jenn K... Kinger was everything i thought she would be... TIMES 100! I always knew she would be beautiful, have a killer smile, be funny, and genuine. But Internet does not do this girl justice. She is all those things and more. She has a smile that makes you want to stare at her (in a good way). She always has the wittiest things to say and i totally appreciate her love in music!!! I love you JK, PLEASE MOVE CLOSER TO ANY OF US!!

Kami Shea. I love that she still goes by that, my daughter is Cameron Shay! I think of all the people, Kami surprised me the most. I could always tell from her pics that she was beautiful, her kids were stinking cute and her husband is pretty funny. But seeing her in person was so much better. Shes very soft spoken and sweet. SO SWEET. Laid back and GORGEOUS! Kami, i will always remember how you kept making me laugh on the bus home. Not even sure what we were laughing about, i just know i had a blast! LOVE YOU GIRL!

Jaclyn Tubre, the hardest working mom i have ever met. I am pretty sure she has a battery pack in her back because she never sleeps, always is working and taking care of her kids. She is an inspiration for sure! One of my favorite of many things about Jac is we can go months with out actually talking on the phone, just on text and email and when we get on the phone, its like we talk every day. She and I have helped each other through so rough days and will for as long as we live! LOVE YOU and your steel toed boots!

Mari was a LIFESAVER this year. I have always liked to help plan the quad mom trip but its a really big job for just one person. Mari helped me and ran with it. She did so much work and it made is so much less stressful for me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how laid back she is about things. Her dimples are to die for... and so are her Mari-ritas for that matter! She's an INCREDIBLE mom and so supportive of all her friends. What do you say Mar, you and me teaming up to work on next years? Love you girl, so wish you were located a little further north in Tejas :)

After a festival of group hugs, a car full of our DROP DEAD GORGEOUS women rolled up! Sandra, Moni, Suz and Gen.

Mrs. Gen McNulty. She is an inspiration to ALL of us. She has done it all first, with out the help of an older set of quads and does everything perfectly. She handles every situation with the best sense of humor (because she truly has the best sense of humor). I can not thank this girl enough for all the moments she has selflessly been there for me. Late night talks and texts and emails (well late for me, silly pacific time :)). Her advice is priceless. And NO ONE loves their friends like Gen does. She is an inspiration every day to me. Loyal, trustworthy and one of the best people i have ever met in my life, PERIOD. I love you Gen, you have no idea how much i need you in my life!

Hugging continued (well, it did for like 5 days really) and another car load of beautiful women pulled up! Misty, Kelly and Jenna

Kelly, what a hottie! And boy does she deserve that title. She worked her tail off (literally) with diet and exercise and looks A-MA-ZING! Shes got so much natural beauty. And she was ready to have a good time that weekend! She may be indecisive with changing clothes but shes as loyal as they come with friends. And hard working, my goodness, she has quads and teaches kindergarten, talk about patience! LOVE YOU KEL!

Jenna can not be described in words. Truly she is an experience. With the body like a super model but the vocabulary of a Florida resident of 80 years, shes pure entertainment, and shes not even trying to be. Her emails, texts, sentences make me laugh out loud. She is ALWAYS uplifting and positive and has the most perfect one liner for any situation, followed by a "shucks, girls". J Walk, i could hang out with you ever day of my life and LOVE every moment! I love you woman.

As soon as everyone was there, we were off and running. Like we had just seen each other yesterday, the natural connection we have is just crazy. We had a wonderful birthday party for each other that night, complete with cupcakes, pizza, awards, gifts, crying, sharing, laughing, hugging, pictures, memories... i seriously wanted time to stand still!

The rest of the weekend went a little something like this... relaxing, laughing, sipping some cocktails, telling stories, dancing, singing, laying in each others beds laughing, doing makeovers, having long talks, synchronized swimming, water Olympics, cheerleading, games, gymnastics, running from insects the size of my head, eating, late night cooking, spitting mad rhymes, hugging, sharing, and soaking up EVERY SINGLE second together. Every good bye was hard and they will only get harder every time we see each other.

My lovely ladies, i thank you for all that you are to me, each other and to your families. I love you with every beat of my heart!

And i want to thank some other very special people for making the trip happen. My WONDERFUL husband for helping out so much with the kids and dealing with me waking up every morning with a new number... "Honey, guess what, 94 days til my quad trip". Bless him for putting up with that! LOVE YOU ROBBIE, you are an amazing father!

Thank you to other people who helped pick up childcare duty when Robbie was working. My mother in law and father in law. CHAMPS at dinner and baths by the way. Kids had a blast and were in great hands! Thank you Janet and Bob! Thank you to our two nannies, Adrienne and Kaitlyn for helping while Robbie worked. They love you both so much and so do I! I have the best people in my life!!!!

And because face it, reading my blog is okay but pictures are the best, right? Well since i haven't posted pics of the kids in SOOO long (probably forgot what they looked like :)) because i was doing individual posts, i will throw so up as an added bonus below. And next post, i will do Trey's individual post, poor muffin, i was hoping to get it done before i left, but as you can see that didn't happen!

Enjoy and thanks for reading :). And sticking with me in my long lags of no blogs :)

The newly purchased bounce house is GREAT! I have been saving up for one of these bad boys for a while for rainy days, crazy hot days and just plain wearing the kids out! Big hit! Boys cant get enough of it!

My handsome Trey

My stinker Reid, seriously, are you kidding me with this face!

My cutie Brady, seriously melts my heart every day

Beautiful Cameron, dont let her cute smile fool you, she is all attitude all the time this one! Like mommy, like daughter!

Love, Casey