Monday, May 2, 2011

Okay bunny... enough already...

Hope everyone had an Easter full of family, good times and massive sugar highs (and come downs, agh). We enjoyed a great family day. Started at church, then egg hunt after, back to our house, another easter egg hunt, go to grammys, ANOTHER easter egg hunt... Seriously... That Easter bunny gets around!
Our kids have grown up a lot since last Easter so this year was a lot more fun (and fighting, its what 3 year olds do best)!
I'll let Robbie do the honor of the captions below. Why not, who doesnt enjoy a good "Robbie point of view".

It wasn't even sunny outside, but for some reason, we were all squinting. When you have quads, not a whole lot makes much sense.

It was a windy out there, but more importantly, doesn't it look like Trey has his face smashed up against a window?

They blew the whistle for everyone to go get eggs. So Casey took off, and left us all behind.

No, the boys and I didn't plan on wearing the same outfit. It just worked out that way. And if you believe that, than yes, the Easter Bunny was also definitely in our backyard.

Brady said he has been waiting 3 long years for a Transformer. Then someone crinkled some paper and he threw down the Transformer and said he's been waiting 3 long years for crinkling paper.


Reid: Hey boys, don't mind this blue egg right here. I am SURE there are more eggs waaaaaay over there. Go over there and take a look.

I don't know if Trey is taking a sharp turn for the yellow egg on the right, or bearing down on Brady for a scrambled Easter Egg collision.

A post-dinner romp thru the neighborhood, while Casey stayed back to make dessert. Then we came back and noticed some vodka was missing, and no dessert. Weird....

Clearly, the Easter Bunny had a stomach ache last night. He sprayed eggs all over this area of the yard. Watch out for the brown eggs.

In the seconds it took to take this photo, Reid picked up twenty eggs. Serious.

Cameron figures its easier to pose for pictures than actually bend over to pick up eggs. (Probably waiting for someone else to come by so she can tell them what to do.)

Why is everyone resting?? There are more eggs over there. GO GO GO GO !!!!

This is me next to a cardboard cutout of Cameron. Life-like, right?

We moved the cutout to the porch.

Sometime during the egg hunt, Trey aged 2.5 years.

Aunt Amy and Brady. Brady is getting pretty good at showing off the baby blues.

"Doesnt this candy look tasty? You cant have any, but you can admire it from afar."

Trey showing off his stash.

Grammy got everyone a stuffed animal for Easter. Here is Reid stealing them all. Whats funnier is that it was better to catch it on film then stop her from doing it.

Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around. Look at my pinwheel and see what I found.... Anyone else remember that one?

Dammit Case. They noticed us sitting over here in peace.

Yay.... We're so glad you noticed us sitting over here....

"Sure could use some wind right now."

Cameron decides to challenge the bush to a starring contest. Winner unknown. But I'll give the nod to Cameron for effort.

Aunt Amy giving an airplane ride. Don't mind me in the background throwing a tennis ball at Amy.

Reid: "Aunt Amy, I'll play along, but I swear on everything, I better not drop this stuffed animal!!"

Brady gets his turn for a ride with Aunt Amy. Apparently this was offered to everyone else. I didnt get a ride. How was that overlooked? Not fair.


Charity Donovan said...

How adorable are you guys!!! Love the matching clothes...could you please teach Steve a few lessons about clothes making the photo op! Love me some Gerwer play-by-play! The Casey NOT making desert...winner, winner, chicken dinner with that one! Miss you kids!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Cameran is starting to look like her daddy too. What a cutie pie :)

Stephanie said...

You CRACK me up! Its even worth the wait in between posts! lol